As professional engineers with solid relevant experience, Metcalfe PLLC takes pride in providing direction and vision to help you achieve your project goals.  

We consult  with you prior to securing a project, before project initiation, and at the end of the project to assure proper scope and business case alignment.   Utilizing our EPC turnkey project expertise, we  can support you as the project engineering lead and/or provide project front end setup.   Metcalfe can also provide experience and expertise to an oversee the construction or startup phases of your project.    

During every project phase  we utilize our engineering and project experience to provide you with the proper support to assure that your project goals are being met.  

Metcalfe has 35 years of expertise and experience leading EPC projects and programs, providing engineering process improvements, and infrastructure development, lifecycle oversight of DCS conversions, providing I&C and/or automation engineering for Fortune 500 companies in the Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Textiles, and Power Industries.   This experience includes both domestic and international projects for industrial, commercial, and government Clients.  Leadership for our Clients is the cornerstone for our business model so that we can provide proper direction and deliver success.